Daily Challenge: Drop the Cell Phone

The above picture illustrates a couple in bed,one is on the computer, while the other one is seemingly frustrated. FIRST MISTAKE. After viewing a video that was shared throughout my newsfeed and hearing my fiance calmly tell me how my cell phone can be a distraction and to put it away so we can actually enjoy each other, it really opened my eyes.

One day, I made a decision when going out to eat with my mom to turn my cell phone off and put it in my purse. Can I tell you that was the best dinner I had with my mom in a while? It saddened me though. Everyone that I looked at in the restaurant had their phones out, thumbing through old text messages or showing interest in what others are doing at the time. And sometimes, both people were at the table looking at their phones…YIKES.

We are too busy concerned with what other people are doing in the social media world, that we tend to forget to enjoy the real world. The best moments I have with my fiance and family is when I don’t have a phone. I know some people may say hat they are “shut off from the world.” That statement makes me laugh. You are not shut off from the world at all, in fact, you are living in the world, in that moment, and you get to enjoy what life has to offer. The social media “world” is fake! People do not have to be real on social media. Seriously, it is an illusion, and we get caught up in it thinking why can’t I have a life like that, instead of appreciating and enjoying YOUR life.

My challenge: See how much more you can enjoy your life and yourself without your cell phone for the day. Maybe that’s a stretch for some. So how about this? Whenever you are around people, family, your boyfriend, fiance, DOG for goodness sake, put your cell phone down and live in that moment. You are not missing anything, believe me. Instead of taking time to scroll through pictures or your newsfeed, take the time to love, care, and appreciate one another. Take the time to appreciate your life.

Don’t let a falsified world ruin your relationships or sense of self, or even your confidence. It is okay if people don’t know what you are doing for a few hours or days, and it’s also okay if you don’t know what other people are doing. The only people you need to be connected to are the ones you love. That’s it.

So, again, put your phone done, and focus on the small things in life.


Daily Challenge: Live and Lead a Healthier Life

Living and leading a healthier life does not necessarily mean changing the things you consume on a daily basis, although extremely important, living and leading a healthier life can also mean internally as well.

As I was sitting in bed last night reading my daily devotional, I realized how much happened in one week. To be honest, I quit my job without any leads into another job. But I did not care, because I did it for me. We do not deserve to live a life full of stress, especially in the work environment. I can not begin to tell you how important YOUR happiness is for your own sake. Going to work every day gave me an dreadful feeling; I was not happy. My boss did things that were unethical and against the law, and I have a wedding coming up and was not getting paid enough to make up for the wedding expenses.

So every time, on my 40 min journey up and back to work, I always contemplated if it was right for me to work where I was working at the pay I was getting. I found myself crying, depressed, and moody because of MY situation, and a lot  of people, including my fiance, felt my pain and frustration (it was not fair to him).

Every little thing my boss did and said made me angry! I was so focused on the anger that it was consuming my life. Seriously, it would put me in such a nasty mood. I finally said STOP to myself. I could not do it anymore. I could not let this person dictate and control my emotions. So I made the decision for my own sake, to be at peace with her and myself. Every time she did something, I felt okay. I was not mad or sad, I was content. So content that I made a life changing decision to quit my job because it was not a healthy environment for me, and I love myself too much to put myself through stress. I left on a happy note.

Which leads me to my point. Whatever decision you make for yourself, make sure you are at peace. Ever since I quit my job, so many opportunities have come my way. Seriously, it was like that job was holding me back from my passions in life.

BE AT PEACE! It is so important and healthy. You have to love yourself and make an executive decision that you will not deal with or take any crap from anyone! Now, by no means am I telling anyone to quit their job or “run away” from their problems, as most people would say. Nope, I am simply telling you, if you are not happy 1. find peace within yourself to not let anyone get the best of your mood, and 2. change your environment for the better. Because at the end of the day, YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Make sure you learned a lesson, a valuable lesson so that you can take it with you for the rest of your life. Know that everything that happens to you is for your greatest benefit so nothing is a waste of time.

I’ll tell you what I learned: to write down everything my boss says incase he/she does not remember, to write down everything I do, some marketing skills, and to be at peace! Although I did not like what I was doing, I certainly learned a lot about myself.

Never leave anything behind with a bitter, sour taste. I am so happy now that I set myself free. Not saying that I will never face any other challenges in life, because I know I will. There are difficult people everywhere! But they will not get the best of me, nor will anyone dictate my happiness.

**My challenge for you? Live life for you and for the people you love. Life is way to short, people die every single day. Life is but a breath. You have to live life with lots of happiness and peace to live a healthy lifestyle. Do not let people consume your energy, and don’t waste time thinking negatively about a person. You know how much energy that takes?A LOT! Again, live life for you, if you are not happy….leave. REMEMBER, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Field Hockey USA makes Spooky Nook its home – one of the biggest indoor sporting facilities in the world

Glad to see that USA Field Hockey is right around the corner from me!!

Scoop | Online Hockey Magazine

Spooky Nook, one of the world’s biggest indoor sporting facilities, which is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is now the home of Field Hockey USA.

The massive indoor training facilities is something to behold, which is a converted old Armstrong World Industries distribution centre which sits on around 65 acres of land!

The FIH has reported that their president Leandro Negre has recently visited and exclaimed that he liked it so much he could “stay and never leave”.

The indoor facility stretches to around 14 acres whilst the rest of the land is dedicated sporting fields and astro turfs for the improvment of sport within the community.

Why is it called Spooky Nook?  That’s what I thought too! But according to their website, the entrance road is called Spooky Nook and the owners thought it would make for “the coolest sporting brand” around.

The FIH have reported that Leandro has…

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KU ends on a golden note

Sad to hear this. These ladies are outstanding players. Keep your heads up girls!

The Keystone Newspaper

Colleen Smith fields a ground ball Colleen Smith fields a ground ball
By Pat Zazzarino

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – After a long and grueling season, the Kutztown softball team has ended in a gratifying conclusion. The ladies defeated East Stroudsburg on Saturday, April 26 in a pair of 6-1 victories at Zimbar Field. Despite the well-placed effort of the team, it was not enough to get them into the playoffs.

At the end of the season, the team’s overall record was 20-19 and were 11-17 in the conference. The team accumulated more wins at home (9-9) but they proved to struggle more on the road (5-12). ESU has also been eliminated.

The Golden Bears began the game fired up with a huge four-runs in the first inning, then highlighted by a three-run home run by junior Mary Kociencki. KU kept up the momentum in the second, as sophomore Danielle Sienko connected for an RBI single with loaded…

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